Fire Safety



Increased Safety with multiple fire detectors.

If you have only one smoke detector and the door to the room with the smoke detector is closed, there is no protection for the rest of your home! With several smoke detectors placed in different rooms, a fire can be detected faster.

Locating your smoke detector

For maximum protection we strongly recommend that you install a smoke detector in every room (except bathrooms and kitchens). The minimum level of coverage is one per floor or one outside each sleeping area, however, we suggest that you follow the guidelines below.

In addition, to installing smoke detectors in all the relevant locations following all the instructions, cleaning the detectors, testing them once a week and replacing the units immediately if they are not working properly, the following fire safety rules should be followed:

  • Never smoke in bed.
  • Keep matches and lighters away from children.
  • Always store ammable materials, such as petrol, in proper containers, and never use them near sparks or flames.
  • Do not overload electrical circuits.
  • Ensure that electrical appliances are in good condition and that they carry the recognized approval.
  • Do not allow rubbish to accumulate
  • Make sure that heating system are serviced and that chimneys are cleaned regularly.
  • Keep portable heaters and other open ames, such as candles, away from combustible materials.
  • Provide additional fire safety equipment, such as fire extinguishers and fire blankets, and ensure that all members of the household know how to use them.

Draw up an escape plan from your home and practice it with your family. Draw up a floor plan that shows at least two escape routes from each room in the house. Familiarise your family with the sound of the smoke detector and make sure children are aware of what the signal means. Brief everyone on how to leave the building in case of fire.



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